Metamorphosis Alpha Doom on the Warden Kickstarter Campaign – Ends February 13, 2020

Metamorphosis Alpha (MA) is considered the first science-fiction Role-Playing Game (RPG) – It has elements that make it science fantasy Here’s a fan Wiki

This Kickstarter campaign – is for

An all-new adventure for the first edition of Metamorphosis Alpha! “The Tomb of Horrors” in space..

There have been earlier Kickstarter campaigns for the game. The reference to “The Tomb of Horrors” in space is a reference to what’s considered an impossible TSR module where you could expect a Total Party Kill (TPK) where all the party members die.

Here’s the Kicktraq for the current campaign:

The game never caught on too well for various reasons, which depends on who you listen to. I purchased it at some point and have a copy somewhere in a box. It had four or  five editions, opinions vary, with a re-release of what I call 1st Edition Version 2.0 by Goodman Games a few years ago.  The original 1st edition is still available on DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) for $5.99 – (not an affiliate link).  I don’t know how many changes were made between the 1st Edition and 1st Edition Version 2.0. Here’s the Goodman Games MA Kickstarter from several years ago which indicates some of the changes made – It doesn’t appear the 1st Edition Version 2.0 is available as a PDF which is a shame.

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