Please Keep My Niece in Your Prayers – January 26, 2020

I found out a few days ago, my niece has breast cancer. The doctors are 95% certain it’s malignant. They don’t know the stage yet as they are running more tests.

initial biopsy results showing invasive ductal carcinoma, 7mm (small) and grade 2 (moderately aggressive). I won’t know the stage until my lymph nodes are tested, but they can’t feel anything or see anything in the nodes on any imaging.

Next I have a breast MRI and genetic testing, since I am fairly young to get breast cancer.


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13 Responses to Please Keep My Niece in Your Prayers – January 26, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Praying and please keep me posted brother

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    • I will. They should know something soon, but doctors aren’t always quick to tell patients.

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    • This was posted recently by my niece:

      Had a good meeting with my oncologist today!As expected, my second biopsy showed that the microcalcifications were malignant. On the bright side, it is not an invasive type. Right now he says I am considered to be stage 1 (caught early), although I have to wait for surgery and results on lymph nodes.

      I have started on an oral pill to hopefully shrink my tumor. In two months, I will have another MRI to check. If it shrunk fairly well, we will schedule surgery. If not enough, one more month of med and then surgery regardless.

      After surgery, the tumor will be tested to estimate likelihood of recurrence and to determine if chemo is warranted.

      Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me! I truly feel the love and left the appointment feeling hopeful! For those wanting to know specific prayer requests: that this med will shrink quickly away from my muscle (so they won’t have to cut into it and also allow clear margins when removing the tumors), that any side effects of med are mild, and God’s guidance for myself and doctors when decisions need to be made regarding treatment.

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Was reminded to pray for your niece

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