Update John Dillinger’s Corpse Not to Be Dug Up and DNA-Tested – January 18, 2020

Follow-up to an earlier DNA Saturdays post – John Dillinger’s Corpse to Be Dug Up and DNA-Tested to Settle Conspiracy Theory – LiveScience; DNA Saturdays August 3, 2019.

I hadn’t heard anything else about this seesaw fight to dig up Dillinger’s body recently. It came across my reader as I was looking through old DNA Saturdays posts. The update is the exhumation won’t happen. Per this report on USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/12/04/john-dillinger-exhumation-family-cant-disinter-gangster-judge-says/2609183001/:

INDIANAPOLIS – A judge on Wednesday ruled that the family of notorious Indiana bank robber John Dillinger will not be allowed to exhume the 85-year-old corpse from its resting place – for now.

Dillinger’s nephew Michael C. Thompson filed a lawsuit in August after a public back-and-forth between the family and the cemetery, which had opposed digging up the body.

In his ruling Wednesday, Marion County Superior Court Judge Timothy Oakes said the parties’ main question was whether the exhumation could occur without cemetery approval, as laid out under Indiana Statute 23-14-57-1.

“Court finds that the statutory requirements for this section of the statute are clear in that disinterment requires the cemetery owner to give consent before disinterment may occur,” Oakes’ ruling says, according to online court records, “and the statute does not require that the cemetery have a valid, rational, or meaningful reason.”

That was a twist I didn’t see coming. At some point, the cemetery may change its mind simply to avoid having to fight the family in court. Or, the family will run out of money to continue pursuing the lawsuit. I wouldn’t trust the body really is Dillinger, but not because the claims made by the family. I could see grave robber shortly after the burial replacing the body just to keep the legend alive. In my opinion, he died in the shoot-out. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would taunt the FBI if he had lived even if it meant he was killed in a later shoot-out.

I debated making this a DNA Saturdays post, but already had one for today. Here are links to past DNA Saturdays posts –

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