This Secretive Surveillance Company Is Selling Cops Cameras Hidden in Gravestones – Vice January 9, 2020

I saw this earlier today on Vice as I was looking for Tombstone Tuesdays possibilities – This Secretive Surveillance Company Is Selling Cops Cameras Hidden in Gravestones: this to I Haven’t Seen It All tag.

Special Services Group also offers cameras hidden in child carseats and vacuum cleaners.

by Joseph Cox
Jan 9 2020, 3:00pm

A surveillance vendor that works with U.S. government agencies, such as the FBI, DEA, and ICE, is marketing spying capabilities to local police departments, including cameras that are hidden inside a tombstone, a baby car seat, and a vacuum cleaner.

The brochure highlights some of the capabilities on offer to law enforcement agencies, from the novel to the sometimes straight-up bizarre.

“I think one of the biggest concerns I have is about the cost/size/capabilities of these devices. They keep getting cheaper, smaller and more capable all the time, and it’s unlikely that only law enforcement will be the only actors using them,” Freddy Martinez, a policy analyst from government accountability group Open The Government who obtained the brochure through a public records request told Motherboard in an email. The public records request was filed with the Irvine Police Department in California. Beryl Lipton of the government transparency nonprofit MuckRock also obtained the documents using a FOIA request.


The brochure is available here (PDF), starting from page 93.




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