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I saw this yesterday on BillionGravesAustralian Gravestone Symbols – BillionGraves: The full article is over 2,800 words! Here’s a snippet of less than 400 words.

BillionGraves January 7, 2020 about 14 minute read


It’s a great time of year to learn about Australian gravestone symbols because while it may be snowing in some parts of the world, it’s beach weather Down Under! Or should I say, “cemetery weather”?

And one of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy “cemetery weather” is Waverley Cemetery in the suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Waverly Cemetery is perched on high cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean against a backdrop of rolling green hills. More than 90,000 people have been buried at this stunning 16 hectare (40-acre) site.

Most of the monuments at Waverley were created in the mid to late 1800s and were sculpted from white Carrara marble. The white gleaming angels, column, and human figures stand out against the brilliant turquoise background of the sky and sea. In more recent years, gravestones made of rose and black granite have been added.

Notable Burials

The gravestone symbols on the monuments are clues to the past lives of those buried there. Some of the notable people buried at Waverley Cemetery who helped to shape Australia include:

Whether you are able to get out and take photos in sunny Waverley Cemetery by the sea, or you will soon be transcribing the names and dates from those gravestones, you’ll enjoy the experience more when you understand some of these Australian gravestone symbols.

Australian Gravestone Symbols: Angels


Australian Gravestone Symbols: Crosses


Bontonee Cross


To learn more about the history of the bontonee cross check out BillionGraves’ blog post, Understanding Cemetery Crosses, by clicking HERE.


G’day and good on you!

Cathy Wallace and the BillionGraves Team

P.S. If any of you Down Under would like to take photos of gravestones or would like help planning a BillionGraves cemetery service project, please send an email to Volunteer@BillionGraves and we’ll be delighted to help you! (Even if you live someplace else, let us know, we’ll help you too!)

Learn more about gravestone symbols by clicking HERE and HERE.



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