Roanoke River Lighthouse, Edenton/Plymouth – North Carolina Thursdays January 2, 2020

I started looking for North Carolina possibilities last night. I noticed Edenton, North Carolina. For some reason, Edenton stuck in my mind. I saw something about a town named Edenton in the past week – don’t remember why it was mentioned. I went to and settled on Roanoke River Lighthouse as this week’s North Carolina Thursdays post. Should be fun to see what I can learn about this unusual lighthouse as I start my search. There is a replica of the lighthouse in Plymouth, North Carolina. If you see photos with the lighthouse being on land, it’s the Plymouth replica; if the photos show it in the water, it’s the Edenton location. It took a while as I was searching for both locations.

From the link above:

The lighthouse is believed to be the last surviving example in the United States of a squarer frame building built for a screw-pile base. The lighthouse was in commission from 1887 until 1941.

Official website: (replica of the lighthouse in Plymouth, North Carolina); don’t see a website for the Edenton Lighthouse. (according to the Wikipedia link below – not seeing the lighthouse although it does include Historic Edenton –

Atlas Obscura: No listing located

Facebook: (Edenton location) (Plymouth replica)

Flickr: No listing located for either location

Foursquare: No listing located for either location

Gluseum: (Edenton) (Plymouth)

Google Maps: Google Maps Edenton, North Carolina (Street View available, click near the Lighthouse)

Google Maps, Plymouth (Street View available; it’s close to the water, but on land)

Historical Marker DataBase (HMDB): (Edenton location) (Plymouth location)

Inspirock: (Edenton) (Plymouth)

Instagram: (Edenton) (Plymouth, but contains numerous Edenton photos)

Landmarkhunter: No listing located

Linkedin: No listing located No listing located

National Register of Historic Places: No listing located

Only In Your State:, (#1 Edenton); did not find anything for Plymouth

Pinterest: (some are Edenton and others are Plymouth)

Roads and Kingdoms: No listing located

Roadside America: No listing for either location

RoadTrippers: (Edenton)

Silly America: No listing located

Smoky Mountain News: No listing located

Snapchat: No listing located

Strange Carolinas: No listing located

This is my South: No listing located

Trip Advisor: (Edenton) (Plymouth)

Tumblr: No listing located for either location

Twitch channel or search: No listing located  –

Twitter: some from both locations

Vimeo channel or search: (Edenton)

VisitNC: (Edenton); (Plymouth)

Waymarking: No listing located

Wikipedia: (Edenton) – both locations not mentioned in

Yelp: No listing located for Plymouth; (Edenton)

YouTube: (some videos for Edenton and Plymouth)

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