The Recovering Legalist – Featured Blogger of the Week December 27, 2019

For this week’s Featured Blogger of the Week, I chose The Recovering Legalist: as the Featured Blogger of the Week.

I have been reading his blog for a while, looks like late August 2019.

About page  –

About the Blog

What is the point of this site?  It is pretty simple – combat legalism and legalistic thought within the body of Christ with the Truth that can be found through a faithful study of Scripture and a healthy use of common sense.  There are so many areas of life that can be negatively affected by the Pharisaical attitude called “legalism.”  Many have lived oppressed lives, never tasting the sweetness of grace.  Many have gone to their graves never having the chance to question man-made laws that kept them bound.  Many today cower under the authoritarian, dictatorial power wielded by the “faithful” that are “right with God.”  This site will offer the opportunity for anyone to discuss

  • what is legalistic and what is not;
  •  what the Bible demands by way of holiness, and what it does not;
  • various interpretations of certain controversial Scripture passages;
  • practical ways in which to live a life of grace without fear;
  • and how to live free without being a snare to a “weaker brother.”

Any and all comments, as long as they are respectful, will be welcome.  Dialogue is the key, not silence brought about by fear or intimidation.

[The following paragraphs were added 3/27/14]

But this blog is also about walking, falling, questions, humanity, and how God is able to receive glory from it all. Since first created in 2009, the amount of posts directly dealing with legalism might make up 30-35% of the total. The rest are posts about what I see, think, and experience as a Christian trying to live a life of grace.

Legalism will always be with us in some form or fashion, and I will always be subject to its lures (see my post about Building 429). However, if I am able to help others to understand that God’s love for us does not depend on our fulfillment of the Law, but simply His choice to love the unlovable and offer restoration through Jesus Christ, then this blog will be considered a success.

I’m just a country preacher, not a scholar, so if you don’t expect too much, you won’t be disappointed

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2 Responses to The Recovering Legalist – Featured Blogger of the Week December 27, 2019

  1. Wow! I’m humbled. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are welcome. Thought your blog was a perfect fit for the last Featured Blogger of the Week for 2019.

      I usually include social media links when I find them. The ones I saw did not appear to be connected to you. If you have any you want added, please let me know.


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