Two Years of Elementary School Speech Therapy – December 20, 2019

This post came as a result of my last post Therapy: The Good, The Bad and The Really, Really Bad — The Moody Mom – original post: which was about psychotherapy.

In Second Grade, the elementary school I attended (it’s now part of a casino parking lot) decided I needed speech therapy, either r’s or s’s. The school didn’t have a speech therapist at the school and opted to send me to summer school at a different elementary school that had a speech therapist. My school was about half a mile from our house and I walked to it when the weather was good. The other elementary school was 2.5 miles away which meant a parent would have to take me as both schools were inside the city limits. I don’t remember how many days a week I went, but probably 5 days a week as it was a shorter semester than a regular school semester.

This was my first of two summer school sessions. The second one was between 10th and 11th Grade as I voluntarily elected to do summer school as I wanted to do Algebra II in 11th Grade, but they required me to take Geometry before I could. So I took two courses that summer – Geometry and Bookkeeping. The downside, other than missing a lot of summer outings as I was in summer school, was they dropped the requirement to need Geometry when I started 11th Grade.

Towards the end of the summer, a hurricane damaged our house enough we moved to Colorado to be near my Mom’s half-sister. When I got to Colorado and started schooling there, it was different. The town was small enough all grades were in one building. This school decided I needed speech therapy several days a week, but it was for the other letter – either r’s or s’s as they thought speech therapy in summer school had fixed the problem with the first letter. Interestingly enough the summer school session didn’t think I had a problem with the letter they weren’t helping me fix. Makes me wonder if helping with me the first letter caused the second letter issue or the speech therapist didn’t think I had an issue with the second letter.

With the 3rd Grade speech therapist, it meant I got out of regular class in the afternoon for an hour or so to meet one on one with her. That made me feel special as my regular teacher had around 30 or so students she dealt with. With the speech therapist, it was just the two of us. I suspect these days having a female instructor meet in a small room with a male student alone would be a no-no. It reminded me of a broom closet and I think it actually was a broom closet or a janitor’s closet.

In hindsight, they needed to work on my l pronunciation as that’s where I had the most problems when l’s were next to some other words, but not at the start of the word. For example, laughter no problem. Oil, Gulfport, etc. problem. I do my best to work on it myself as I know it’s an issue and it doesn’t appear to be an issue if it’s a double l – hall, follow.

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