Science versus Star Wars: “Reylo” and the inbreeding coefficient – 23andMe December 17, 2019

I noticed this today on 23andMe – Science versus Star Wars: “Reylo” and the inbreeding coefficient – 23andMe December 17, 2019: I didn’t see it yesterday when I checked.

Warning: Spoiler Alert according to the link above – I removed most of the article from my quote below – not sure if I got all potential spoilers. Some of what I saw, including parts left below, were speculative.

By Samantha Ancona Esselmann, PhD, product scientist at 23andMe

(Warning: This story contains Star Wars spoilers.)

Hopeless romantics, myself included, wait with bated breath for the final installment of the nine-episode-long saga of the rise and fall (and rise again) of the Skywalker dynasty. It’s not because we care what happens to the Resistance or to the First Order or even what happens to some of our favorite supporting characters. (But if Chewbacca dies, I walk.)

No, we’re really here for “Reylo.”

A portmanteau for the ages, “Reylo” combines “Rey” — the name of the Resistance’s scrappy heroine — with “Kylo” Ren, aka Ben Solo, the troubled space boi who kills his dad. Star Wars episodes seven and eight tease a possible romantic connection between the two characters. Sparks fly during a series of intimate Force-chats, which we later discover were orchestrated by Kylo’s boss, Snoke.

Some fans love to ship “Reylo,” while others love to hate it. With Episode 9 just around the corner, long-dormant “Reylo” Reddit threads, fanfic forums, and Twitter memes are waking up, and I’m reminded that many of us are pondering the same question that’s at the heart of Episodes 7–9: Are Rey and Kylo related?

Kylo Ren is the son of Leia Organa. Luke Skywalker’s sister, while Rey’s mysterious parentage and her natural aptitude with the Force hint at familial ties to the Skywalker dynasty. (What’s her midichlorian count, anyway?)

So, what if — as many hypothesize Rey is actually Luke Skywalker’s daughter, secreted away on a remote desert planet.



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