Prayer Request for Missing 17 Year Old Wichitan – December 14, 2019

Updated December 20, 2019 – The young female was found safe and sound.

One of the places I eat had a 17 year old female go missing a few days ago. It doesn’t appear an Amber Alert has been issued and near as I can tell, the Wichita Police Department (WPD) hasn’t released any information publicly. For that reason, I won’t release the young woman’s name or where she worked. If the WPD releases information, then I will provide a link. I consider all of the employees at this location like family. I see them on a regular enough basis.

Her cousin who also works at this location informed me yesterday. From what she related, the 17 year old was dating a 20-year old married man who has children. The family doesn’t know the name of the man, but they made it clear they disapproved of the relationship.  The cousin told me the store’s cameras caught a partial look at the vehicle, but the young woman gave him enough clues to reduce the visibility of the vehicle to the store’s cameras. Her cousin thinks she planned to run away to be with this guy. Once she did not return home timely, the family contacted 911 and the police were able to ping her phone’s location. The police found the phone, her purse, ID, debit card, and other things, but not her. Like many 17 year olds, her phone was not something she would easily give up. At this point, I believe the WPD is considering this as something more than a runaway and more a possible foul play situation.

I am a firm believer that parents need to know the names of their children’s friends, where they live, and how to contact the parents. I see too many cases similar to this that turn out badly and the parents didn’t know these details. It’s one thing to give your children independence, but with all the bad things going these days, you need to be prepared for the worst.

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