Who Found Chandrayaan-2 Vikram First? – Space Saturdays December 7, 2019

Thought this was an interesting point. Back shortly after the lander was supposed to land, ISRO (India’s version of NASA) claimed they had discovered the lander and it was at an angle. They gave no details of where it was found. Based on the latest reports from NASA, it sounds like it didn’t land in one piece, but broke apart, probably in the crash landing.   There were no attempts to provide NASA with where to look or give any support to NASA that would have made a search by NASA easier. If ISRO knew where it was, why did they let NASA go on a wild goose chase? I don’t recall too many comments from ISRO during the last 3 months where they made it clear during the weeks immediately after the initial claim they found Vikram where ISRO chose to point out it had been found early on.

ISRO could easily have shown the photos, but they tend to be less open than NASA when it comes to these things. This article, https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/science/the-curious-case-of-vikram-indias-crashed-moon-lander/articleshow/72414826.cms, the Indian government admitted failure:


However, the Indian space agency never released images or other data to corroborate the statement, nor did it share the coordinates of where Vikram supposedly sat on the moon’s surface. Only last month did the Indian government admit failure.

Thus, NASA and others looked for Vikram without ISRO’s help.


While NASA’s openness has enabled many more eyes to look over the scientific data, the space agency, with management of its missions spread around the country, is not always diligent in following up on tips.

The November email came from Shanmuga Subramanian, a computer programmer and mechanical engineer living in the south Indian city of Chennai, who had already tried for a month to tell NASA what he thought he had found.

On Oct. 3, Shanmuga posted on Twitter a tiny white speck ..


If ISRO learns anything from this crash, hopefully it learns that being open is better than being closed and tight-lipped.




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