Share Your Family’s Holiday Traditions – FamilySearch December 6, 2019

I noticed this on FamilySearch earlier today – Share Your Family’s Holiday Traditions – FamilySearch December 6, 2019:

December 6, 2019  – by  Laurie Bradshaw

Does your family have holiday traditions? If so, you may not even know how they started; they have just always been a part how your family celebrates. Your family’s holiday traditions are one of the most special parts of the season, and you may consider them part of your personal heritage.

Traditions also create a family bond that can connect generations. Consider sharing your family’s holiday traditions on FamilySearch Memories to preserve them for future generations. Sharing these traditions can inspire others, both in your family and beyond.

12 Holiday Tradition Ideas from Families around the World

If your family is new or looking for new traditions to start, here are some examples of traditions from families around the world. Use them as inspiration to start your own holiday celebrations!

The ideas below have been edited for space and clarity, and some names have been changed for privacy.

1. Decorate your home as a familyAdriano Almeida, Brazil.


2. Read nightly holiday stories—Megan Coalwell, United States


3. Decorate a unique Christmas tree for each person—Leticia, Mexico


4. Put out holiday lanterns—Allyson Gustaveson, United States


5. Have an advent calendar that leads to Christmas—Toril Åkerblom, Sweden


6. Make a meal together—Liseth Malmborg, Venezuela


7. Reenact holiday stories—Leslie Castillo Lacunza, Ecuador


8. Throw a holiday party—Alison Ensign, United States


9. Go caroling together—Nuria Jiménez, Spain


10. Give meaningful gifts—Raychel, United States


11. Enjoy special food, and have a family “secret Santa”—Claudia Brandão, Brazil


12. Hold “pajama day” after the holidays—Kate, United States


What about you? What are your family’s traditions? Share them in the comments below, or preserve them on FamilySearch Memories. Have a wonderful holiday season!


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