Feeling Nostalgic? 2 Ways You Can Reap the Benefits – FamilySearch December 2, 2019

I saw this a few days ago on FamilySearch – Feeling Nostalgic? 2 Ways You Can Reap the Benefits – FamilySearch December 2, 2019: https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/feeling-nostalgic/.

December 2, 2019  – by  Jessica Grimaud

It doesn’t take much to begin feeling nostalgic: listening to an old song on the radio, seeing your childhood home, eating an old family recipe.

This feeling of wistfulness, of longing for the past—commonly known as nostalgia—is not unusual. And while it is often bittersweet, nostalgia can be a positive experience for those who learn how to make the most of it.

Why People Feel Nostalgic

Nostalgia is a universal human emotion; everyone will feel it at some point and likely more than once. Nostalgia is typically triggered by things such as songs, smells, photographs, and even loneliness.

Some people are more prone to feeling nostalgic than others, such as chronic worriers, who may see reminiscing as an escape from present anxiety. Those undergoing a life transition, such as people in their 20s and people over 50, also report feeling more nostalgia. During major life transitions, people often find themselves asking “Where am I going?” and “Where have I been?” That kind of reflection is ripe for nostalgia!

The Benefits of Nostalgia

Up until the last hundred years, nostalgia was considered negative experience—even a psychiatric disorder by some doctors. However, now scientists recognize the benefit of feeling nostalgic. Here are just a few reasons why nostalgia now and then can have a positive effect on your life.



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