MyHeritage Reveals: Boris Johnson Is Related to the New EU President – MyHeritage December 3, 2019

This post is not designed to be political or turn into a political discussion and I turned off Comments for this post to avoid problems.  I realize there are strong opinions, on both sides, about Boris Johnson, Brexit, and the EU in general. 

An old saying “Truth is stranger than fiction” and this article on MyHeritage today is a good example. I am not getting into the political aspects of this article. For what it’s worth, anyone in Europe is related to anyone else in Europe, mostly likely in the 500 – 2,000 year range. The same holds true for people on other continents. It would take a few thousand years more, but we are all related to everyone else on the planet if we would able to trace back that far.

MyHeritage Reveals: Boris Johnson Is Related to the New EU President – MyHeritage December 3, 2019:

 by Talya December 3, 2019 Family, MyHeritage News

Brexit may be compared to a messy divorce, but it turns out that the concept of a family feud may be more than metaphorical. MyHeritage has discovered that Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK, is distantly related to Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.


The UK Prime Minister, whose full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, comes from a fairly diverse background: his father’s ancestry includes Turkish as well as European origins, and he is 5th cousins twice removed with Queen Elizabeth II. His maternal great-grandmother was a Russian Jewish immigrant to the U.S., and he held dual U.S.-U.K. citizenship until renouncing the former in 2016.

Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, who began her term as president of the European Commission on December 1, is mostly descended from natives of Hanover and Bremen in Germany, though she has an American great-grandmother of British, French, Italian, and Baltic heritage.

MyHeritage researchers discovered that they have a family connection dating back to the marriage of John and Margaret de Beauchamp in the 1400s. The connection makes Johnson and von der Leyen 16th cousins.



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