Calvary Cemetery, Queens County, New York – Tombstones Tuesdays December 3, 2019

Calvary Cemetery (all four sections) is the largest cemetery,_New_York), by number of burials, inurnments, entombments, etc. in the United States. It has over 3 million permanent residents. It’s only 365 acres in size. It pales in land area compared to Calverton National Cemetery, eastern Long Island, Suffolk County, New York – which is 1,045 acres or Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California – at 1,400 acres. Both of the other cemeteries only have around 271,000 (Calverton – or 440,000 (Rose Hills – permanent residents. Surprisingly, only a fraction (just over 149,000) of the 3 million permanent residents of Calvary Cemetery are listed on Find-A-Grave

I thought Calvary Cemetery – (official website) was a good choice for the Tombstone Tuesdays post this week. Just an FYI, the cemetery will not give photo volunteers plot information. The request needs to come from a family member. Although with so few memorials on any of the graving websites, it should be easy enough to take lots of photographs and add them and any missing names to the various graving websites.

BillionGraves divides it into four locations

Genealogy Trails: (no listings for any of the cemeteries)

GenWeb Tombstone Project:


New York Gravestones.orgCalvary Catholic (Woodside) Cemetery (26) , Calvary Catholic 2nd & 4th (Laurel Hill Blvd/Woodside) Cemetery (5) , Calvary First Catholic aka Old (Long Island City) Cemetery (12) , Calvary Third Catholic (Queens Blvd/Woodside) Cemetery (17)

Political Graveyard: (do a search for Calvary Cemetery)

Previous Tombstone Tuesdays posts:


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