I beta-tested the last few patches of Civilization III, both of its expansions, Civilization IV, and part of the first expansion for Civilization IV. I have not played any of the subsequent expansions or later games (Civilization V or Civilization VI).

In case you missed the title’s subtle humor, unlimited free settlers is a huge exploit.

I saw this on YouTube recently – CIVILIZATION 6 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS – Excluding Unlimited Free Settlers: (about 28:05 minutes long)

I have never played Civilization VI although I hope to have a computer capable of playing this game in four years at which time it should be a reasonable price, as they should be on either Civilization VII or possibly Civilization VIII by that time.

I still play Civilization III Complete which includes the two expansions (Play the World, Conquests) for it. I lost my original DVD and purchased it online from Steam for $4.99. The game has some issues that were never fixed, but I find it preferable to Civilization IV or the later games. From my perspective, starting with Civilization IV, they ignored the vast majority of players of this series who are casual players, like myself – estimated at between 75 – 90%+ of their market. Instead, they focused on the much smaller power player market. I haven’t kept up with the series to see it if they continued the trend with V and/or VI as they made the system requirements so high for those versions as to make it a challenge for casual players on a budget to be able to buy a decent enough computer to keep up.


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