Rest In Peace to My Brother-in-law, Dwight T., Retired USAF Veteran Died November 15, 2019

I originally scheduled my next post about a Titan II YouTube video for this slot. At the time, I was unaware that Dwight had died. I had not been on Facebook much the last few days or I would have seen my niece’s post. He was married to my sister since the early 1970s. They have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren so please keep them in your prayers as they are making funeral arrangements.

My oldest brother had sent me a Facebook message around 11 A. M.,  but my phone was on mute as I was in church services. Plus, I hadn’t turned on Wi-Fi so I hadn’t been notified about a message. He doesn’t use messenger as a rule. It was around 8:30 P. M. before I turned on Wi-Fi and noticed his message. I didn’t check it right away as I felt it was probably news someone had died. When I looked down, I saw Dwight in the message tag.

I mentioned this in my next post as well, but Dwight retired from the Air Force in the early 1990s where he was an Electronic Warfare expert (EW), working somehow with missile silos or EW. The work was classified so he never said anything. He later became an EW instructor before becoming a supervisor.

I called my sister after seeing my brother’s message. She is holding up well. I don’t have the money or I would go down for the funeral. We talked for almost an hour. He died peacefully in his sleep, the way he had wanted to go.

I thought he would be buried in the local V. A. cemetery which was the plan for many years. A cousin set up a small cemetery on land she owned and offered them plots years ago and he decided he wanted to be buried there.

I will post more details once the funeral has been set up. The funeral home does not offer weekend appointments so my sister meets with them this afternoon.


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    • It was a shock as he had doing better over the previous 12 months. I haven’t had a chance to visit my sister, but she has a lot of support down there. I was surprised he went with a non-V.A. burial, but since his youngest daughter owns the property where the family cemetery is, it will be well cared for.

      Looks like the V. A. sent, or is sending a headstone to the family cemetery, as when I checked the V. A. Grave Locator site a minute ago, his headstone was showing on their site.

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