The Significance of the Battle of Stalingrad – FamilySearch November 15, 2019

I saw this yesterday on FamilySearch – The Significance of the Battle of Stalingrad – FamilySearch November 15, 2019:

November 15, 2019  – by  Annelie Hansen

Of all the confrontations in World War II, the Battle of Stalingrad was the largest. Understanding what happened at this important battle will help you recognize the significance of the Battle of Stalingrad.

The battle took place when Germany and its allies sought control over this city in Southern Russia. The Germans targeted Stalingrad because of its industrial capacities and because of its proximity to the Volga River, which would allow German forces to cut off sources of trade and military deployment.

What Happened at the Battle of Stalingrad?

The battle started in August 1942, when the German forces began their attack with the 6th Army and parts of the 4th Panzer Army. The attack was supported by bombings that destroyed much of the city. Because of the city’s destruction, the nature of combat changed to urban warfare, and soldiers on either side worked to navigate their close-quarter surroundings.



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