Various Lineage Organizations, Societies, and Clubs – November 15, 2019

After re-blogging this post, The Caterpillar Club — Pacific Paratrooper, original post –, I started thinking of other groups, clubs and societies that are out there. There are plenty of organizations, clubs, and societies one could potentially join if you meet the qualifications and pay whatever dues or fees required. As there are plenty of clubs, societies, and organizations that won’t fit the lineage category, if you know of one, please let me know. I included one below – Travelers’ Century Club. To join it, you have visit 100 countries or territories on its list. Word of caution, I did not check every link within the links below. In one case, I found a dead link that I notified the website was dead. I couldn’t find a link that worked, other than a Wayback Machine link.

I started with an old post of mine, Black Sheep Sunday – An Interesting Discovery… – July 17, 2018, which talked about two black sheep societies and two pirate societies. I could only find one of each in the search last year. When I checked today, it looks the individual black sheep and pirate societies I found last year are no longer around. I found the Wayback Machine links for them. For clubs and organizations, I am leaving out the numerous religious, civic, benevolent, or fraternal groups like the Elks, the Rotary Club, Woodmen of the World, Knights of Columbus, etc. Some of these groups may show up in the links below. You may find organizations that aren’t on the list – in the U. S., some states and areas have First Families societies that only apply if your ancestors moved into the area at certain times.

If you don’t see an organization you know or think may exist, do a search as there are several I know aren’t on the links below.

I recalled this club as I found it many years ago when I was looking for something else locally –

Travelers’ Century Club: – you have to visit 100 countries or territories – – total of 327 places that are considered countries or territories, to qualify for membership. Initiation fee of $100 per person plus yearly dues of $75 for U. S. citizens, $85 for non- U. S. citizens although spouse yearly dues are $65 U. S. or non-U. S.

Here are several lists of potential organizations you may be able to join. There is probably going to be a fair amount of crossover between the links below, but there may be some organizations that are only on some of the links below.l (organizations in red don’t have Wikipedia articles – same applies to any other Wikipedia links below); list to U. S. societies: list link:, additional link: (not an actual society, but links to various records to determine if you may have a black sheep ancestor or relative) list link:, see also

Two Cyndi’s Lists: categories and some individual societies (3) pages long




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4 Responses to Various Lineage Organizations, Societies, and Clubs – November 15, 2019

  1. GP Cox says:

    Thanks for the plug. I hope I might have had something to do with your inspiration to continue researching. I love it when someone takes one of my articles and runs with it – you never know what you’ll discover!!

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    • It was. Since your article got me thinking about other clubs and groups, I knew there were some interesting ones out there. The Traveler one I had encountered years ago as I wondered what they did. They include 327 countries and territories in their list. Some of the territories are places that are part of a country, like Alaska, but for various reasons, aren’t connected directly to the main country.

      I find unusual clubs, societies, etc. to be fun to research. They are sometimes harder to research as there isn’t as much on them.

      Found a new one as I was typing my response up. The Ejection Tie Club – a group for people who ejected using a Martin-Baker ejection seat

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      • GP Cox says:

        I did not know about that one! Those stories are incredible! Can you imagine having to do that? I understand it’s not the best “ride” any of them ever had!!

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      • I didn’t until I was responding to your comment and went looking for other clubs that were out of the ordinary. I can’t imagine it’s a fun ride.

        One of the odder ones was the Uttar Pradesh Association Of Dead People founded by someone in India who had been declared dead by a relative. Took him 18 years to prove he wasn’t dead.

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