Wasn’t Out of Commission for as Long as I Thought – November 13, 2019

Standard Disclaimer:

I am not a medical health professional and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as medical advice. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 (where applicable) or contact proper emergency service personnel.

Bit late in posting this as I didn’t expect the E. R. visit to last 4 1/2 hours. Earlier today, I thought I had the flu, a bad bottle of chocolate milk, or something else. I started this post an hour before heading to the Emergency Room (E. R.) and planned on posting it once I got out. I couldn’t keep anything down, including liquids. I didn’t think about it at the time, but there was a pharmacy a block away that sells anti-nausea Over The Counter (OTC) medicines. Around 8 P. M., I debated heading towards the E. R. I try to avoid going to the E. R. that late in the evening as it tends to be an exercise in frustration. At this point, I was more concerned about dehydration becoming an issue so I chose to head over an hour later.

It wasn’t too packed, with only half dozen people ahead of me. Took 30 minutes before I was called for an EKG to rule out heart issues. That was a smart move as some people who have nausea and vomiting are experiencing a heart attack.

Next, I was sent to an Examination Room where a nurse took my vitals. My blood pressure was high, had a low-grade fever, had to explain why I was there (the fourth of almost a dozen times). Eventually, they did a chest X-ray, blood work, urine sample, eventually met with the doctor around 10 P. M. for the first time, followed by IVs to rehydrate me, Cat Scan (around 2 A. M.). All the tests ruled out the flu, but there was a viral bug going around. Doctor offered to keep me overnight (bit past 3:30 A. M. by this point), but I declined. He did give me a prescription for Zofran to help with the nausea issue.

My flu thought was based on a friend having the flu who I had visited a couple of days earlier. Once the flu was out, my next likely candidate was a different friend who’s wife had the same symptoms as I experienced.


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5 Responses to Wasn’t Out of Commission for as Long as I Thought – November 13, 2019

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    I hope your health is ok now

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    • Yes, it appears to have been a 24 bug although I opted to not enjoy chocolate milk for a while. I went in at 9 P. M. because I wasn’t keeping things down and felt I was getting dehydrated. I try to avoid evening or after midnight E. R. visits. It took them about half hour to escort me to a room, then spent from around 9:30 P. M. to almost 3:30 A. M. mostly waiting as they poked and prodded me. Not sure why they felt the need to give me three needles – one for blood draw and the other two for IVs yet they only used 1 of them for fluids. Got an EKG that came back fine as the symptoms could mimic a heart problem. The stomach CAT Scan came back fine and that took the longest between waiting until it became available and getting the results back.

      They offered to keep me, but said I could go home. I opted to go home. TheIV fluids un-dehydrated me.

      It’s rare I get sick as the Lord has blessed me with a great immune system. I do have some ongoing health issues, but those tend to be bearable for the most part with occasional flare ups.

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