North Carolina State Archives Looking for Transcribers – November 12, 2019

I saw this today and thought it was important enough to share it now instead of waiting for North Carolina Thursdays to post it. From the State Archives of North Carolina:; more information on this link:

About the TranscribeNC Project

This collection of letters provides a glimpse into the lives of North Carolina women as they changed history in our state and the nation during the 20th century. It focuses on documents gathered from across the holdings of the State Archives, including Private Collections, Organization Records, and State Agency Records. While this collection provides an overview of the materials available, it is not an exhaustive survey of women’s history materials at the State Archives.

How to Help Transcribe Documents

The transcription conventions, or “rules,” are located at the bottom of every page in the transcription view.

For more information, check out our Transcription Guide, Handwriting Guide, or the FromThePage transcription demo video

About Us

The State Archives of North Carolina collects, preserves, manages and provides access to information that protects citizen rights, documents North Carolina history and culture, promotes transparency, and encourages stewardship of government records.

Thank you for helping us improve public access to historic documents and materials through your transcription efforts.

For more information, please visit the State Archives website


Contact our transcription archivist – Please be sure to fill out the subject field as specifically as possible.

A growing number of state agencies are utilizing volunteers to transcribe records. Missouri – regularly adds a new year’s worth of death certificates in January or February that need transcribed, and they often get transcribed by volunteers very fast. You can choose if you want to help as much or as little as you have time to volunteer. They are always looking for volunteers to transcribe the older death certificates as originally it was only the person who died that was listed. They are working backwards to add parents and spouses so you can search using those parameters if they were named on the death certificate.

Arizona has a similar database: addresses birth and death certiicates within certain time frames.

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