My Take on the Latest Star Wars Moving Coming Out Soon – November 9, 2019

At the risk of losing some readers and followers, I enter the realm of the next Star Wars movie.

I saw this post – makes some great points.

I am basing my information on the trailers that have been released and other people who are diehard Star Wars fans, or at least were until the last couple of movies that made them re-think being such diehard fans. The below comments are based on the trailers and what fans and others have guessed as to how Star Wars IX will play out. It may turn out the trailers don’t reflect how the movie plays out, but the latest trailers are more likely to be accurate as they are newer.

First, the last thing we need is another Death Star/Planet being blown up. That plot was overused too many times already. It also ignores what would happen if a Death Star ship was able to generate enough energy to kill a planet or star. Think Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Next, it sounds like this is going to be a much darker ending than the earlier Star Wars movies. There could be a valid non-dark reason for some of the trailer images, but they sure hint at a bad ending. Not what I want to see for a franchise that had good triumph over evil in the end even if the the prequels tended to have things turn out badly in the interim, but VI made it clear that good won in the end.

They already lost a fair number of diehard fans with the last couple of movies who voted with their wallets by either avoiding the next movie or who only saw the movie once. My friend was a diehard fanboy who saw all of the earlier movies 7 – 15 times in the theater during opening week. With the last movie, he waited until Disney wasn’t getting the lion’s share of the ticket price before he saw it and only saw it one time. He hates spoilers, but I will warn him that he may want to see it later or not at all. He didn’t appreciate what was done or why it was done.

While it is supposed to be the end of the franchise, they have made it clear it’s only the end of this portion of the saga as they will be releasing new Star Wars content for as long as they can generate enough revenue to justify churning out new stuff.


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