How Low Will DNA Testing Go This Year? November 6, 2019

I am talking about sale prices between now and December 31, 2019. I make the comment near the bottom that it’s estimated full DNA testing will drop dramatically within the next 3 – 10 years. Right now, full DNA testing can run as high as $1,000 – 2,000+ with the few companies with sale prices that drop it much lower.

For the last few years, DNA testing – 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), FindMyPastDNA, LivingDNA, MyHeritageDNA have sometimes hit the $49 mark and frequently hit the $59 mark. For most of these companies, the average non-sale price starts around $79 (FTDNA, MyHeritageDNA) – 99 (most of the other companies above) for the basic DNA test. This year, LivingDNA started a $49 DNA starter kit. I haven’t tried it so I can’t speak for what it offers specifically and their website is not as clear as I prefer. It sounds like you get:

We compare the markers in your DNA inherited from the last five to six generations from your ancestors. We compare these with our 8 world global populations to help you understand how this fits in with your DNA story. These populations include:

Oceania, Native America, Africa, Europe, Near East, Central Asia, South Asian, and East Asia.

If you buy, or upgrade to, the next higher price test, you get more regional details:

We’ve built Living DNA to provide ancestry breakdowns for up to 80 worldwide regions, including 21 sub-regions within the British Isles and counting.

At $49, LivingDNA is setting a price point that may force its competition to lower their prices. It’s not a guarantee as FTDNA and MyHeritageDNA lowering their price from $99 to $79 didn’t see AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or FindMyPastDNA doing the same thing. Initially, LivingDNA was at $99 until they recently lowered their basic kit to $49.

After seeing what Dante Labs and another DNA company did temporarily last year for a sale price for a much larger amount of DNA tested, it may force the other companies to increase the amount of DNA tested. The DNA companies I listed at the top of this post only look at a small portion of your DNA (500K – 800K SNPs out of a much larger amount of DNA they could be testing)

According to some DNA experts, they estimate full DNA testing could hit the $99 price point in the next 3 – 5 years. Others estimate it could take up to 10 years. When I first contemplated DNA testing in mid-2011, the price point was $199 at FTDNA and 23andMe. Within 2 years, the price had dropped to $99.


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