FamilyTree DNA Big Y-700 Update – DNA Saturdays November 2, 2019

I saw this yesterday in an e-mail from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA):

Dear Valued Customer,

Starting today, Big Y participants will see some changes to how they are able to download raw data for the Big Y product. Below are further details.

For customers who purchase a Big Y-700 starting 11/01/19, the product will not include downloadable raw data. However, customers will have the option to purchase the “Big Y Raw Data” product after the Big Y test has begun processing in our lab.

Customers who purchased a Big Y-700 or Big Y-500 prior to 11/01/19, will continue to have access to their downloadable raw data. These existing customers will see a new product added to their Order History called “Big Y Raw Data.” This product has been added at no charge to ensure continued access to their downloadable raw data.

The downloadable raw data is expensive for FTDNA to provide for our customers and only a small portion of Big Y participants request this download. Rather than continue to pass this cost along to all Big Y participants, we have chosen to only charge those who wish to download their BAM file for that data. This change allows us to reduce the price of the test, which in turn will give more customers the ability to participate in Big Y testing and building the Haplotree.

As always, thank you for testing with FamilyTreeDNA.


I have the Big Y-500 so my download won’t be affected. Not sure how much it will cost if I later upgrade to Big Y-700.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Happy New Years by the way!

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