Rest in Peace Lauren Bruner (1920–2019), one of the last survivors of Pearl Harbor’s USS Arizona

I don’t visit on a regular basis unless I am looking to see if the site has an obituary. When I was on it recently looking for an obit, I saw the obit for Rest in Peace John Moon (1916 – 2019), Oldest Known Iwo Jima Survivor – October 29, 2019. I read through the obit and noticed it included links to other World War II veterans, including

Here’s his Find-A-Grave memorial – As a USS Arizona survivor, he chose

A hero’s burial: Bruner requested in 2014 to be cremated after his death, with the urn holding his ashes to be interred in the Arizona’s sunken hull at the site of the USS Arizona Memorial. It’s an honor that’s been offered to any service member who was aboard the Arizona when it was attacked. Bruner offered his reasoning for the choice at a 2014 news conference: “All my family and friends have been buried in various places, cemeteries. But it seems like after a while, nobody pays attention to them anymore after about five years. I hope that a lot of people will still be coming to the Arizona. I would be glad to see them.”

He also wrote a book – Second to the Last to Leave USS Arizona, (not an affiliate link).

In this article –, it mentions that Lauren started a fundraiser to

Recently, Bruner launched the “My Dream Gift to America” fundraiser, a campaign to create a touchscreen kiosk at the Arizona Memorial allowing the public to view a portrait and biographical information on all 1,512 crew members of the battleship.

The link to his fundraiser is The fundraiser is carrying on his dream to get the kiosk completed.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Back to back another WW2 vet passing away!

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