Camp Clinton POW Camp, Clinton- Mississippi Mondays October 28, 2019

I saw this on the Mississippi Encyclopedia page –, but I had seen it mentioned several times before as I researched POW camps in Mississippi. I want to thank Mike Allard of MDAH for making the entry. I previously posted about him – MDAH – Mississippi Mondays December 31, 2018 and Mississippians at Pearl Harbor – Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

I will reference this post down the road as it includes a reference to an abandoned item: It’s a pretty impressive abandoned item and a shame that nobody is trying to save it.

Official website: No official website, but the Clinton Visitor Center does have some displays –

Interesting incident related to the camp:


6180 McRaven Rd, Clinton (or Jackson), Mississippi

Price: N/A

Location of Historical Marker:

No HMDB marker

Abandoned Playgrounds: No listing located

The Abandoned South: No listing located

Asylum Projects: No listing located

Atlas Obscura No listing located –

Blog Posts by Other Bloggers:

Facebook page:

Flickr: (not much, but a little –


Foursquare: No listing located

Google Maps: Google Maps Directions Camp Clinton Location (slightly off on Street View, but correct on Aerial View) No listing located

Historical Marker Database (HMDB): No listing located

Inspirock: (No listing located)

Instagram: No listing located


Mississippi Encyclopedia: (same link as above)

Mississippi Hills: No listing located

Mississippi Hometown Locator: No listing locate

Mississippi Land Conservation Assistance Network: No listing located

The Mississippi Link: No listing located

Mississippi Magazine: No listing located

Mississippi Museums: No link located

Mississippi Obscura: No listing located

Mississippi Today: No listing located

Mississippi Delta Top 40: No listing located

Miss Preservation: No listing located

Mysterious Universe: No listing located

National Geographic:

Only In Your State:

Pinterest: A few listings

Roads and Kingdoms: No listing located

Roadside America: (No listing located)

Road Trippers: No listing located

Save My Place MS: No listing located

Silly America: (No Mississippi locations at all)

Southern Food and Beverage: No listing located

Southern Spaces: No listing located

This Is My South: No listing located

Today in Mississippi: No listing located

Traveling Mom: No listing located

Trip Advisor: No listing located

TripHobo: No listing located

Tripshock: No listing located

Tumblr: No listing located

Twitch channel or search: No listing located


Vacations Made Easy: No listing located

 Vimeo channel or search: No listing located

Visit the Delta: No listing located No listing located

Waymarking: No listing located,


not mentioned

Yelp: No listing located

YouTube channel or search: (didn’t see many videos about Camp Clinton in my search)

Delapidated WWII POW Camp: (around 6:24 minutes long)

Past Mississippi Mondays posts

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10 Responses to Camp Clinton POW Camp, Clinton- Mississippi Mondays October 28, 2019

  1. GP Cox says:

    Sorry, I don’t have the time to visit all the links, but I visited a few and found them very interesting – and sorry to see history left to go to the weeds. I’ll be back to visit more. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Neat historical post

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