Challenges of Theme Posts – October 24, 2019

This is weird, not directly related to the post – I keep running across Lexington, Kentucky in posts lately. I did one myself not too long ago – William “King” Solomon of Kentucky. Going to have think on the significance of it. Today, I ran across Lexington, Kentucky posts over half a dozen times in addition to about that many last night. In my experience, that tends to mean something. I was in Lexington, Kentucky June 2018 for a conference.

I do 12 theme posts/week, 1 – 2/day, not counting the occasional theme post that’s not scheduled. It can be a challenge some days to find what I consider to be a good candidate for a theme post. In general, for the three state themes – Kansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina, I try to cross the state, choosing different counties each week. However, I do sometimes revisit a county like I am doing today for my North Carolina Thursdays Futuro UFO House, Frisco – North Carolina Thursdays October 24, 2019 post. At other times, I easily find a theme. With theme topics, I try to spread them around to cover different topics – humor, trivia, history, genealogy, military history, unusual, and other things that my blog tends to cover. I also try to look for things that aren’t blogged about as much. That’s true when I look for things to re-blog or re-vlog.

I enjoy what I find in doing the research even if I don’t use it. It can range from the funny, the silly, the strange to the mundane. Sometimes I find something that explains something or has a personal connection.

There are times where I spend a couple of hours working on a theme post and decide before posting it, it’s not a good fit for some reason. I am sure some bloggers run across the same situation where what seemed to be a good post is put on hold or discarded. I save it for a later post most of the time. That means I spend extra time to come up with a replacement.

With the state themes, it can be hard as some counties have hidden gems I have to dig and search for. It’s why I look at dozens of websites to find these treasures. Unfortunately, there are times when the gems are not findable online. At some point, I may have to get someone from the county to help me discover the county’s hidden wonderful treasure.

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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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