Two Japanese Aircraft Carriers Sunk During the Battle of Midway Found – October 23, 2019

I ran across these stories as I was looking for this article: I found the above article through another blog post,

It’s interesting that Petrel is the vessel that found them. Other finds by the vessel are Scroll down to 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019 expeditions.

Here are the two articles on the two Japanese carriers found; that leaves two other Japanese carriers that were lost during the Battle of Midway. I expect they, or another research group, will eventually find the other two Japanese carriers lost during the battle.


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6 Responses to Two Japanese Aircraft Carriers Sunk During the Battle of Midway Found – October 23, 2019

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    NEat post I remember looking up info if they found any of the carriers sunk that day earlier this year in the Summer when I went all out reading about Midway!

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    • Still two Japanese carriers missing last I checked, but I believe they will be found.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        I hope they would be able to find the final two as the first two was also away from the location they thought they would be found if my memory serves me correct

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      • Most likely. The one they found part of the carrier years ago, but it wasn’t that close to the rest of the ship. This RV and others have turned up a number of sunk ships and boats over the last few years. Many of the ships sunk have general latitude and longitude recorded although a ship or boat can veer from that as it heads down. Or, the lat/long can be off as that’s not always something you care about if your ship is sinking during a battle.

        I remember with the USS Indianapolis, they estimated its course based on what they thought the speed it was going. It was only after they reviewed a sighting from a LST who passed by it and recalculated a new location based on the faster speed were they able to find the Indianapolis.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        You are a history buff!

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      • I try to be. Thankfully, I found history, around 5th or 6th Grade, plus a wonderful 8th Grade Social Studies teacher, before my 11th Grade History teacher got to me. She did everything she could to make history boring and dry. She couldn’t undo my love of history from the earlier exposures.

        In college, my college degree program didn’t have a History minor option, but I took every course I could find at different community colleges that I could find, easily over a dozen.

        It’s on hold, but I am pursuing an Associate’s (AGS) in Military Studies. I only need a couple of courses to complete it, but it’s a low priority as I would have to get the degree, then get a good second copy and pay a calligrapher to add the Military Studies as the community college told me it will only add read AGS, not the specialty.

        Reminds me of my Not-for-Profit Bachelor’s. The college didn’t tell me it would only say B. S. and would not list the Not-for-Profit. The funny part is on my graduation program, they listed it as No-for-Profit.


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