Ancestry Health Clarification: Ancestry’s DNA health screening will require doctor’s order – October 18, 2019

In this post, Your genes do not need to be your destiny – Ancestry October 15, 2019, I missed the part about requiring – Ancestry’s DNA health screening will require doctor’s order: In doing some additional research, I came across the above article and provide some clearer details:


Ancestry said Tuesday that its new consumer health tests will require authorization by a physician. Its main competitor, 23andMe, went through the lengthy and expensive process of getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration so it can sell its tests directly to customers without a prescription.

The involvement of doctors in Ancestry’s tests places it in the midst of a debate over whether physician-ordered genetic screening is merely a way for companies to avoid the regulatory scrutiny of the FDA. Several other DNA startups, including Color and Veritas, also require a doctor to order health tests.


I expect the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will come out with stricter guidelines in the near future.

From my earlier post:


We’ve focused on what people want most:

  • Actionable insights to improve health outcomes for themselves and their families
  • Access to education and support, including genetic counseling resources
  • A seamless handoff with their healthcare provider so they can take action together
  • Access to the most comprehensive screening technology available

AncestryHealth was designed specifically to meet these needs. Our new health services – AncestryHealth Core™ and AncestryHealth Plus ™ – empower people with actionable insights about health risks identified in their genetics and family health history that can help them to start down a path toward better health outcomes. Identifying genetic health risks earlier can often help people, along with their healthcare provider, to better address preventable or treatable conditions.

Distinctive consumer-centric features of our services include: a guided and supportive end-to-end experience, family health history tool, physician-ordered, laboratory developed tests, access to genetic counseling resources and printable reports for both consumers and physicians.



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