How I Approach Wild Claims – October 17, 2019

When I see wild, and often not so wild, claims, I approach them with a neutral attitude. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with the claim. I look at both, or all sides in the case there are more than two sides to a claim. Yet, I seem to be in the minority by a large margin. I also encourage people not to rely on flawed, faulty, or questionable data

Recently, there has been a push for $15 minimum wage with the expectation of it being implemented within 5 years if the legislation gets passed, a far too short period of time for such a major jump in minimum wage. It’s been going on for a few years. I did the research and am working on a blog post on my take on the claim. It may take a while as there is plenty of evidence I am looking at. I do take the biases of different websites, researchers, and individuals when weighing the value of their view. I suggest before supporting any claim, no matter how wild or tame, you do serious research on all sides of the claim. It’s pretty easy for researchers and websites to spout all sorts of support for or against a claim that is based on their biases, or the biases of those they are relying on.

I lived in an area where there was an unofficial minimum wage at this level. The area in question has had the unofficial minimum wage for a long time, around two (2) decades. It was forced on the area after voters were convince to approve casinos to be built there. Not surprisingly, I am not seeing either group, pro or con, raise this example. At least one of the groups should be using it, and ideally both groups although for one group, it would show them why their position is a bad one to take.

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