Situational Awareness — Hill-Walking For The Over 60’s

There are many articles published in books and on online outlining how to read a map, contours, grids, take bearings etc. What many of these seem to miss, is that on top of knowing the basics, you need to learn something far more important. Something that is going to help you, even without a map […]

via Situational Awareness — Hill-Walking For The Over 60’s.

Good point. I used to work as a substitute Highway Contract Driver for my uncle. He contracted with the Post Office to deliver mail to the north and west sides of the small town we lived in. I can be directionally challenged, but I could always tell someone how to get back to town from where I was. I may not have known which way was North, but I would say “Go this many roads that way, turn left or right, go so many more roads, turn left or right, etc. This was before cell phones were something many people had. CB radios would have been more common back then.

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