Data Shows Your Gender, Diet and Age All Impact Exercise Frequency – 23andMe October 14, 2019

I saw this on 23andMe – Data Shows Your Gender, Diet and Age All Impact Exercise Frequency:

It turns out your age, gender and diet all affect how often you exercise, according to new data from 23andMe.


As part of our ongoing health research, 23andMe’s scientists looked at whether a person’s age, gender, or diet might be associated with exercise. Understanding the relationship between those factors may help in our understanding of contributors to maintaining a healthy weight. Our scientists analyzed the data of more than 850,000 people who consented to participate in research and who shared details about their own eating and exercise habits.

Age Matters

Are people over 30 more sedentary than people under 30? Among 23andMe participants, the answer is yes! The percent of people who don’t exercise for 30 minutes or more at least once a week increases with age. (Figure 1, left panel) We also observed a decrease in the percent of people who exercise once or twice a week over age 45.


Interesting article.

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