YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor (beta version) – YSEQ.net

I saw this recently on YSEQ.nethttp://yseq.net/; it’s fairly new. YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor (beta version): https://predict.yseq.net/. It’s Y-DNA so you will need a male who has taken a Y-DNA STR test (12 – 111 markers). Generally, that means either testing at FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), YSEQ.net or another company that provides Y-DNA STRs. Thomas Krahn is pretty good about answering questions if you are unsure how to enter the information.

Once I dig out my Y-STRs, I will run them through the predictor. I have done Big Y-500 at FTDNA and have a deep haplogroup from that test. I have also tested a specific SNP at YSEQ.net that matched my FTDNA results.

It may be a bit as digging through 111 Y-STRs is tedious. I will post my predicted results vs. what FTDNA shows. I don’t expect any surprises since a slightly shallower YSEQ.net matched a similar SNP higher up the SNP chain with FTDNA.


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    Going back to our previous discussion on your blog: I”m naturally not smiling and have a hard time with smiling for pictures by the way lol

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