Why Night of the Living Dead is Public Domain – YouTube Video

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It’s worth noting the U. S. copyright laws in effect during 1968 are different than the copyright laws in effect today. However, the laws in effect at the time a work was published, later creation date was added, determine copyright. For example, the law used to require putting a copyright  notice in your work. That no longer applies for new works made after the laws were changed. Here are two good references or starting points:

https://copyright.cornell.edu/publicdomain and


I wasn’t aware Night of the Living Dead (the original movie) was out of copyright even though it was made after 1964. This YouTube video explains why – Why Night of the Living Dead is Public Domain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_NG1govrFo (about 7:51 minutes long).

Here’s two articles by the above YouTuber:



It gets interesting if their are musical works or other copyrighted things in a public domain item that would still be covered by copyright.

In a slightly different vein, this copyright law applies in certain circumstances to movies, games, video games, and other stuff – Studios may soon lose rights to many big 80s movies — Critical Hit. It’s how an employee was able to later acquire the rights to products he created once enough time had elapsed.

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