Not a Fan of What If Scenarios – October 9, 2019

I see too many people, including a friend of mine and numerous bloggers, who love to engage in what if scenarios about past event. Most of the ones I see wrongly assume that the what if scenario would turn out how the person thinks it will turn out.

It is different if you are going through future what if scenarios to determine how to best proceed. Even those need to be done with an eye towards reasonable and realistic outcomes, not some pie in the sky nonsense that is very unlikely to happen.

How about you spend your time trying to figure out how to make the world you live in a better place? By better place, I mean actually researching things you believe will make it a better place to see if it would.See lots of people pushing for certain changes, but haven’t considered the consequences of those changes or how to achieve those changes. I am all for making the world a better place, but it needs to be sensible and affordable. At some point, the U. S. and other western countries will no longer be able to deficit spend at the levels being done now. Having an occasional small deficit is one thing, but having ever growing deficits is not sustainable.

For alternate history writers, they generally have preconceived notions on how they want things to turn out or to prove things that have already been proven in the real world. I know one writer who plans on showing why a certain government type is bad. He’s ignoring all the cases in our world where that government type has been shown to be bad, but that doesn’t stop its supporters from pushing for this type of government.

First, you can’t change the past and I don’t see time travel being something that we ever achieve, most less the ability to change the past. If we ever get time travel technology, I see people wind up causing or preventing whatever they were trying to change. Don’t want President Kennedy assassinated so you go back to stop it. End result, you actually cause it to happen.

On the unlikely chance we could change the past, there is no guarantee the future would be better than the future you came from.

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