Research Tip of the Week — Dusty Roots & Forgotten Treasures

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via Research Tip of the Week — Dusty Roots & Forgotten Treasures.

Good points.

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5 Responses to Research Tip of the Week — Dusty Roots & Forgotten Treasures

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Thank you for the share! I enjoy reading your blog.

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    • You are welcome. I enjoy your blog. I didn’t realize skunk farming was something people did until your post on it. I wonder if people still do it.

      I’ll read your post on A New Leaf in the morning. I gave up TV end of 2014.

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      • Carrie Brown says:

        Skunk farming is still a thing. Interesting enough they use skunk spray in the manufacture of expensive perfumes. I’d never do it but I am definitely not shocked that one of my ancestors did. We’re an odd bunch lol. I’ve located tons of newspaper articles where he has been mentioned regarding his unique venture….apparently he didn’t have much trouble with people trying to steal his animals. Who would have guessed huh? 🙂

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      • I think we are all an odd bunch if we dig deep enough. I have an unknown great-grandfather (father’s mother’s father). He paid the Bastardy Bond (1911), but denied being the father of the unborn child. DNA would be useless as he later married a cousin of my great-grandmother.


      • Carrie Brown says:

        DNA might not be as useless as you think. With the use of different cousin matches and a chromosome browser it might be more possible to sort out than you suspect. I have a ton of West Virginia hillbillies in one branch of my family who intermarried for generations. It’s not necessarily impossible to untangle but it’s tricky.


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