Dark Shadows Sequel Series Resurrections in the Works at The CW — TVLine

Dark Shadows is emerging from its coffin after a very long slumber: A sequel to the campy 1960s vampire soap is in the works at The CW

via Dark Shadows Sequel Series Resurrections in the Works at The CW — TVLine.

As the youngest child, my ability to choose what to watch was limited to two occasions –

  1. When I was home alone, being my grade often got out earlier than my siblings, afternoon TV until my parents, sister, or brothers came home meant I ruled the TV.
  2. If none of the above group wanted to watch something, then I could pick.

This was back when there were ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS as the only four channels. We couldn’t afford cable for the longest. The local station was ABC with Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana offering ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS options. With rabbit ears, those were iffy. Real late at night we might get a snowy Pensacola ABC channel occasionally. This was back when most stations shut down by midnight at the latest.

Dark Shadows was a favorite of mine and it fell within 1) above as it was rare that anyone else made it home when it was on. It was a favorite of many children, but back then the TV network wanted our mothers to be the target audience during that time slot. It was shut down in a haphazard way that left a bunch of unanswered questions. These days it would have kept going as too many children control the parents’ pocketbooks. It had a good following when it shut down. As an adult, I realized it was a soap opera, but as a child, it had werewolves, vampires, ghosts, Frankenstein monster, headless guy, and a whole bunch of things that weren’t in normal soap operas.

It was interesting to watch because the show had such a limited budget, they re-used props from other shows or did things that was obviously fake. Plus, from what I read, they did one dry run without cameras running. If that went well, then they did one take. Irritating fly distracting the cast, it stayed in, Barnabas fangs didn’t come down when he went to bite someone, it stayed in. They eventually released it on DVD. They were able to find all but one episode (1225 total although they had a number of issues pre-empted by other events so the last episode was 1245 if memory serves). For the missing episode – https://darkshadows.fandom.com/wiki/1219, they found a partial audio recording by a fan and used photo stills and other things to patch together the episode.

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