Additional Information on My 23andMe Ethnicity Results – October 4, 2019

I posted My Latest 23andMe Ethnicity Updates – October 3, 2019 – Short and Long Versions, but I hadn’t checked all of my earlier posts on the subject. I spent a lot of time in the last two days going through and looking for the missing posts; I added a keyword to make them easily findable for me. I may have missed some, but I tried several different search parameters. These examples are why you shouldn’t take ethnicity results below the continental level too seriously.

The below doesn’t include some companies I tested where I no longer access to the results or screenshots that were lost before I could upload them to WordPress.

DNA.Land Update July 2018

HomeDNA Ethnicity Comparisons

DNA Passport Results

Neanderthal DNA Comparison Between Three Companies

Insitome Regional Ancestry DNA Results

23andMe Ancestry Transfer Ethnicity Results

Nat Geo Geno 2.0, Geno 2.0 Next, and Insitome Regional Ancestry Results

Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level

My GEDmatch Admixture Results

This one is mentioned in the post from October 3, 2019:

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