The Scottish Kilt – FamilySearch October 2, 2019

I saw this recently on FamilySearch – The Scottish Kilt – FamilySearch October 2, 2019:

The Scottish kilt, also known as the national dress of Scotland, can be traced back to the 16th century. The belted plaid has changed in look over the centuries and holds historical and family significance to many who claim a Scottish heritage.

How Did the Original Belted Plaid Differ from Today’s Scottish Kilt?

The Belted Plaid

Traditionally, the kilt was first known as the feilidh-mor (pronounced something like “feela more,” depending on the dialect) meaning “great wrap.” It was worn by men and boys as a full-length garment. The wearer had the great wrap arranged so it hit above the knees in front and hung longer in the back. The long tartan (woven cloth) was gathered into folds and belted around the body. Then, the excess fabric could be draped over a shoulder for protection against the elements or for a show of wealth!


Don’t have any known Scottish relatives, but it’s only a matter of time before some show up.

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10 Responses to The Scottish Kilt – FamilySearch October 2, 2019

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Kilts are fascinating!

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    • I will take word on it. A few years ago (early February and quite cold outside), I went to a cemetery to photograph headstones – there’s a kilt connection. When I got to the cemetery, I saw one of those 4-wheel thingies at the entrance. I didn’t realize it meant a funeral would be starting soon. Once I got to the area I planned on photographing, I noticed a small crowd gathered on the opposite side of the roadway. I turned off my car, and thankfully it was warm enough inside the car that I didn’t need to turn it back on. I went to the local newspaper obit section and saw the funeral service started at the church about an hour ago. It was a bit of drive from the church to the cemetery and I expected it would take around an hour and a half before they made it to the cemetery.

      One thing I noticed while waiting was a police officer with bagpipes and a kilt. The dearly departed was a retired police officer, ex-military, and apparently had Scottish roots. The hearse finally shows up and the bagpiper started playing several old-time hymns on his bagpipes. I admired his dedication as he wasn’t wearing anything to keep his legs warm and it was probably about 28 F or so with a decent wind. It probably took another hour between the graveside service and the family talking to those who attended before everybody left. It was only after everyone was gone, I got out and started photographing.

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