County Records Yield Great Sources for Your Family Tree – FamilySearch September 26, 2019

I saw this recently on FamilySearch – County Records Yield Great Sources for Your Family Tree:

County records can be a great resource for researching your family tree. Learn what you can do to discover the treasure trove of information found in county records.

What Can I Learn from County Records?

County records, often referred to as county courthouse records or courthouse records, can help prove family relationships and where family members lived. You can also find occupations and other important information in county records.


Ancestors’ names can be found in court records when they have served as defendants, plaintiffs, witnesses, or jurors. Ancestor names may also appear in records about the following:

  • Probate and estates
  • Naturalization
  • Divorce
  • Mortgage and lien
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Licenses
  • Appointment to public offices
  • Taxes
  • Civil and criminal lawsuits
  • Property disputes
  • Crime
  • Election results

How to Start Searching County Records


Indexed county records, as well as digitized images of these records, can be found online at sites such as or  While both have many statewide databases, features more statewide databases where you can filter by county. has more individual county databases.

One place you can find county records is in the FamilySearch Catalog. To get to the catalog, go to, and click Search in the toolbar at the top of the page. Then select Catalog from the submenu at the top of the new screen.

On the catalog search page, type the name of the place you wish to search, and then click Search. Look through the list of results for official county records of all types.

You can also see if any records can be found in state archives, public and university libraries, and local genealogical and historical societies. However, not every court record can be found online. Sometimes, the best option is to go to the courthouse yourself. Here are some suggestions for how to find the records you need at courthouses.



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