Three Types of Blogs and Websites – September 25, 2019

In my experience, there are three (3) types of websites and blogs. I am sure many who read the title are thinking to themselves – Only three types? Bear with me for a minute. The below groups don’t include viewers who may have blocks that prevent opening links in a new browser window. With me, Firefox often blocks opening in a new browser window unless I set a particular website to allow it. My suggestion is to go with one of the first two options, whatever suits your fancy, but be consistent. I realize that sometimes you may forget to do it. It happens to me on occasion.

In terms of links, there are basically three types of blogs and websites. First, those who always or almost always open links in a new browser window. There can be exceptions where somebody forgets to click the Open in New Window checkbox. I fall in this category and that includes if I link to one of my other posts.

Next, you have the opposite group who never or almost never open links in a new browser window. Again, you may have someone who accidentally clicks the Open in New Window checkbox.

Lastly, you have what I affectionately call the flip a coin group. This group is very hit or miss when it comes to opening links in a new browser window. It’s almost like they flip a coin to decide if they are going to check the Open in a New Window checkbox. This is different from the first two groups as they don’t consistently do the almost always/never option. It may not be exactly 50/50, but it’s a lot more than occasionally going one way or the other.

In my re-blogging or sharing of the major genealogy and DNA companies posts or articles, most fall in the first or second category above, but on occasion, they have a guest poster who bucks the trend and does the opposite of the company’s way of doing links.

For bloggers and websites, I find them in all the categories above. When I re-blog or share a post if it has a link in it, I try to always check and make sure the Open in a New Window is checked. There is a sub-category where some bloggers and websites will have outside links open in a new browser window, but if it’s link to another post on their blog/website, it doesn’t open in a new browser window.

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