Clarification About Theme Topics September 18, 2019

I thought it was important to clarify something about my Theme Topic posts. As mentioned in My 3,000th Blog Post August, 2019. here are my weekly theme topics:

I have some topics that are posted on different days: Forgiveness Sundays, Gaming Sundays, Mississippi Mondays, Kansas Tuesdays, Tombstone Tuesdays, Featured Vlogger of the Week (usually Wednesdays most weeks), Weirdness Wednesdays, North Carolina Thursdays, FindMyPast Fridays, Featured Blogger of the Week – on Fridays, Space Saturdays; DNA Saturdays (new). I may add a few more daily topics. Museums and Ship Museums posts tend to be scattered throughout the week unless they are related to Mississippi, Kansas, or North Carolina museums or ship museums.

The clarification is that some of the posts will involve humor, but I don’t intend to put down the topic or any website I may include. A good example is Weirdness Wednesdays theme. I put items in that category because they may be strange, unusual, odd, funny, serious, or cover a subject that falls into one or more of those categories. In about 2 hours, my Weirdness Wednesdays post is about the Cryptid Zoo, a website devoted to cryptids.

Wikipedia: – sub-note

Entities that may be considered cryptids by cryptozoologists include Bigfoot, the chupacabra, or Mokele-mbembe. Related pseudosciences include Young Earth creationism, ghost hunting, and ufology. Some dictionaries and encyclopedias define the term “cryptid” as an animal whose existence is unsubstantiated.

That post, and any other cryptid or similar posts Tag: Cryptids are not meant to put down or disparage those who believe in cryptids or the author / blogger who created the Cryptid Zoo website. A recent post – Francois Brunelle – Doppelgänger Photographer September 15, 2019 included my introduction to the concept of cryptids even though I would not hear the term until decades later.
If I use the humor tag, as I sometimes do for a serious topic like an obituary, it’s because the obit was humorous. On average, several times a year someone has a humorous obit. A great example is the obituary for Harry Stamps – The obit was designed to be humorous, either by Harry or a family member. Someone paid the $79.95 to keep it permanently on Looks like the rate has dropped substantially
since 2013.
Similarly with the other theme topics, they will range from strange, unusual, odd, funny to serious. I try to do a mix. A lot depends on what I find when researching a topic and if I think it’s a good fit for that day’s topic. I have spent hours working on a serious topic, only to save it for later as I don’t get a sense it’s the post I should be posting on that day.

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