Francois Brunelle – Doppelgänger Photographer September 15, 2019

Bit of background before I delve into the Doppelgänger Photographer. What is a Doppelgänger? There are several spellings of the word. In English, it’s often doppelganger. At the end of the post, I include some of my experiences with the term Doppelgänger.

After seeing yet another article where somebody mentioned how much they look like a close relative based on a photograph, I decided to show exactly why you shouldn’t rely on photographs to prove or disprove a relationship. Same goes for trying to prove/disprove if photos taken over decades are the same person.

In general, you will get three (3) responses in both of these cases:

  1. 1) Yes, they are related or are the same person;
  2. 2) No, they are not related or the same person; and
  3. 3) can’t say definitely if they are related or are the same person.

Surprisingly, #3 tends to be the less popular response.

There used to be a good article that made a point about how few distinctive facial profiles exist in the world. When you consider how many people (roughly 7.5 billion) are alive right now, you have plenty of “twins” out there. I have used this example a few times where a stranger came up to me, shook my hand, and asked how I was doing. He was close friends to one of my “twins.” Close enough friends that he saw me and mistook me for his friend.

On to the Doppelgänger Photographer. If you haven’t heard of Francois Brunelle by name – (click on Bienvenue or Welcome), you may be familiar with his work. Here’s his English site:; and his French site: His bio:


He has been working on the I’m not a look-alike! project since 1999.


I ran across his work a few years ago as I was surfing online, most likely in a social media group. Check out his photos of  Doppelgängers.




Twitter (Search):

Here’s are some good articles

Note: the above personal example I mentioned above is not the first time I have been mistaken as a “twin;” it happens on a semi-regular basis. In school, I had classmates from parts of the country where I have no close family and it looked like we were twins.

My first experience with the word Doppelgänger was one of my favorite TV series – Season #1, Episode # 6 “Firefall” – This was later made into which combined “Firefall” and “Energy Eater” Season #1, Episode #10 into a 1970’s film – I have not seen the the movie, but it sounds like they added some new stuff.

My next encounter with the word was Role-Playing Games (RPGs), and




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