Forgiveness: A Key Tool for Business Success – Forgiveness Sundays September 15, 2019

In looking for a Forgiveness Sunday post, I found this article, which is a slightly different take on forgiveness, from a business perspective – Forgiveness: A Key Tool for Business Success –Don’t look for revenge. Look for success.:


Dr. Kets de Vries advocates a “forgiveness culture” and cites the contrast between the results of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and the recently deposed Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe as a prime example of his thesis.


“When you fly over Zimbabwe you see a wasteland, when you fly over South Africa you see something very different: two leaders with very different attitudes towards forgiveness. If I ask my class which political leader do you most admire, 95% say Nelson Mandela. When you ask why, the answer is forgiveness.”


Past Forgiveness Sundays:

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