Crowdfunding Suggestions September 14, 2019

Updated: the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled sometime after I looked it yesterday.

If you plan on doing any crowdfunding, I suggest you start with the free lessons (over 260 last time I checked) from Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons.

Here are the lessons: I am adding a second link with more information and tips:

I purchased a copy of Jamey’s book on Amazon: (not an affiliate link). I found it was well worth the money. It included additional things to consider.

While Jamey focuses on Kickstarter and Tabletop Board games, most of his lessons could easily apply to other Kickstarter campaigns and other crowdfunding sites. There are some differences. A major one is Kickstarter is all or nothing. You miss your campaign goal and you don’t get any of the funds no matter how close you came. Some of the other crowdfunding websites may offer all or nothing, but some allow you to keep whatever funding you receive, minus the various fees the crowdfunding site charges. Another one is the restrictions that Kickstarter places on what can be put up as a campaign. You can’t take an existing product and offer it unchanged on Kickstarter. I noted recently how one campaign did exactly that on Kickstarter. It wasn’t caught and they later added new products to the mix which brought it in line with what is allowed. Other crowdfunding sites may or may not allow an existing unchanged product to be added.

You don’t have to follow all the suggestions Jamey makes, but you are more likely to get funded if you do. I came across a Kickstarter campaign that ignored many of the suggestions and it ends early tomorrow – As of last night, it was at $69,942 pledged of $100,000 goal with 31 hours to go. It ends Sunday, September 15 2019 2:27 AM CDT. While come from behind last minute finishes happen on Kickstarter, it’s hard to make up a $30,000 deficiency in 31 hours.

They previously had three (3) successful Kickstarter campaigns, ranging from a lot smaller to a lot higher campaign goals. It’s strange because they were more active on updates in the earlier campaigns and had very few updates with the current campaign (2 vs. 60 – 200+ for the other campaigns). I am rooting for it, but I will be pleasantly surprised if they pull it off.

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