What Do You Call Grandma? Names of Grandparents around the World – FamilySearch September 6, 2019

I saw this yesterday on FamilySearch – What Do You Call Grandma? Names of Grandparents around the World: https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/what-do-you-call-grandma/

Do you have a favorite name for your grandparents? Maybe it was Maw Maw and Paw Paw, or Nana and Pop, or the classic Grandma and Grandpa. While many families have their own unique names for their grandparents, here some common names people around the world call their grandparents.Ireland (Gaelic)

Grandmother: Maimeó (pronounced Mam-o)

Grandfather: Daideó (pronounced Daddo)


Greece (Greek)

Grandmother: Yaya (yah-yah)Grandfather: Pappoús (pa-poos)


Japan (Japanese)

Grandmother: Obaasan, Sobo (obaa-san, soh-boh)

Grandfather: Ojiisan, Sofu (oh-gee-sahn, soh-foo)

Russia (Russian)Grandmother: Babushka (BAH-boo-shka)

Grandfather: Dedushka (DYZE-doo-shka)


India (Hindi)

Grandmother: Nani (maternal), DaaDee Jii (paternal)Grandfather: Nana (maternal), DaaDaa Jii (paternal)


Morocco (Arabic)

Grandmother: Jaddah (juddah)

Grandfather: Jad (jud)


France (French)

Grandmother: Grand-mère (gran-mare)

Grandfather: Grand-père (gran-pear)

Israel (Hebrew)Grandmother: Savta

Grandfather: Saba


Sweden (Swedish)

Grandmother: Mormor (maternal), Farmor (paternal)

Grandfather: Morfar (maternal), Farfar (paternal)

Brazil (Portuguese)Grandmother: Avó (ah-vah)

Grandfather: Avô (ah-voah)


Spain (Spanish)

Grandmother: Abuela

Grandfather: Abuelo


Kenya (Swahili)

Grandmother: Bibi (bee-bee)Grandfather: Babu (bah-boo)


Italy (Italian)


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