GenePartner: Online dating based on your DNA Kickstarter Campaign Ends October 6, 2019

I saw this in my Kickstarter feed today – GenePartner: Online dating based on your DNA:


My take on this is there are relying too heavily on a very specific gene of DNA for this to work. They appear to assume that DNA is the only thing that determines if you are compatible. It’s only a matter of time before that comes back to bite them. I realize there are some researchers out there who think that everything we ever did, are doing now, and will do in the future is based on our DNA. Sadly, they are gaining ground and adherents to this view. I believe in free will. We aren’t born criminals; those who commit crimes choose to do so. The problem with researchers is they don’t want to believe that people willingly choose to do evil things.

Why do relationships work or fail? To work, it takes both partners committing to the relationship for it to work, and sometimes giving more than your fair share to the relationship. For a relationship to fail, it takes only one person for it to fail. It will fail sooner if both partners aren’t trying to keep the relationship working. That’s not to say that one person can keep it going indefinitely since a relationship is supposed to be a partnership.

I had a friend who stayed married until his wife died, but only because he was more afraid of being alone than he was of getting divorced.

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