Chandrayaan-2 Update – Space Saturdays September 7, 2019

I started this post shortly after hearing about the likelihood the Chandrayaan-2  likely had crashed. When I checked about 2 hours ago, there were a few still holding hope there was a communication problem and the lander had successfully landed. I hope that’s the case, but most people are of the opinion it crashed. I will update this post if it turns out the lunar landed and contact has been established.

Most of the mission was a success as the orbiter is in place. It may be able to show what happened to the lunar lander based on the reports I have read.

Yesterday (India time) was the day that Chandrayaan-2 was supposed to land on the Moon. India lost contact with the craft about 2.1 km above the lunar surface – India’s first lunar lander falls silent just before touchdownNational Geographic September 6, 2019 was on Friday, September 6, 2019 (my time zone although it was September 7th in India). I will update this post before I publish it on the off-chance, the landing craft successfully landed. The orbital part of the mission should be fine.

in this post, Chandrayaan-1 Space Saturdays April 20, 2019. It successfully launched July 22, 2019 and is scheduled to land on the Moon September 7, 2019 – and

This would make India the fourth nation to soft land on the Moon. Israel would have been the fourth nation if its craft had made a soft landing. The three countries that have made successful soft landings are Russia/Soviet Union, the United States, and China. India will also be the first to make a landing near the Moon’s South Pole. Their lunar lander is in orbit and has made a number of orbital burns since it achieved orbit.

As mentioned in my link to Chandrayaan-1 post above:


The name Chandrayaan means “Moon Craft” in ancient Sanskrit, according to NASA. The Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft was based on an Indian meteorological satellite called Kalpansat. It was about the size of a refrigerator, with a dry weight (weight without fuel) of about 525 kilograms (1,160 lbs.) and was powered by a solar array that charged lithium-ion batteries on board.

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3 Responses to Chandrayaan-2 Update – Space Saturdays September 7, 2019

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow didn’t know India sent something to the Moon

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    • They consider it a 95% success as the orbiter is in place and will give back data for 7 years instead of 1 year.

      From my perspective, going with a new untested lander was a risk I wouldn’t have taken.

      Israel failed a lunar landing earlier this year. They were originally going to try again, but decided to explore other parts of our solar system instead.

      Going to be interesting to see which country, or company, becomes the next to successfully land on the Moon. Been a lot fewer successful landings than I realized.

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