A Better System for Searching Books—Troy Mohrman at RootsTech 2019 FamilySearch September 4, 2019

I found this on FamilySearch today –

A Better System for Searching Books—Troy Mohrman at RootsTech 2019 https://www.familysearch.org/blog/en/search-books-troy-mohrman-rootstech-2019/

You know that you can search records and family trees on FamilySearch.org—but did you know that you can also search books? And now, thanks to LIMB Gallery, searching books is that much easier and more effective.

What Is LIMB Gallery?


“What is LIMB Gallery?” Troy Mohrman, who works for LIMB Gallery, asked this question during his presentation “Digital Asset Management: There Is a Difference,” which he gave on Access and Preservation Day at RootsTech 2019.

Mohrman explained that LIMB Gallery is the new system FamilySearch uses to display books. LIMB Gallery was created by i2S (Innovative Imaging Solutions), the same company that produces book scanners used by FamilySearch and others.

LIMB software can be used at each stage of scanning, processing, and publishing books online. “You are an institution that has spent a lot of time digitizing books; now how do you present them to your users?” he asked.


Troy Mohrman is director of LIMB Gallery North America at i2S, France. He has been working with libraries with automation systems and digital asset management software for over 20 years. He is a former Seminaries and Institutes institute director and seminary principal.


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1 Response to A Better System for Searching Books—Troy Mohrman at RootsTech 2019 FamilySearch September 4, 2019

  1. Troy Mohrman says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. Searching tools are not really complete within LIMB Gallery but basic searching is better than the previous software package. A user can have a better search if they used an advanced search. This is the link:

    You can also search for a specific name by using brackets such as “Mary Vonderfecht” from the main search screen.

    Sadly internal nonsense is keeping this product from being able to bless more lives.

    Good luck!

    Troy Mohrman


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