How I Learned About Princess Diana’s Death August 31, 1997

Rest In Peace Princess Di. You are not forgotten.

I saw this post and decided to share where I was at the time I learned about her death. As a night owl, I was awake in the wee hours, think it was shortly after midnight my time (U. S. Central Time) watching some vampire movie I had never seen before on cable. My mother had died a month earlier, July 31st.

They interrupted the vampire movie numerous times with the announcement about something had happened, but left it so vague I had no clue as what happened or to whom. At some point, the channel did one final interruption where they cut to the news team. They still weren’t telling me who, what, or anything relevant. This went on for an hour or so.

Then they announced the situation involved Princess Diana, but gave no details as to what had happened. Believe it was another half-hour or so before the news team announced she was in a car accident in Paris. It took a bit longer before they announced she was dead. I was in shock because she was so young. I watched the funeral live.

At the time, I wasn’t familiar with Find-A-Grave, but her memorial – wasn’t added until December 31, 2000. She was added to BillionGraves August 2018:



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3 Responses to How I Learned About Princess Diana’s Death August 31, 1997

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow I was a high schooler when she passed away I remember the media frenzy


    • My brother-in-law was in the Air Force when Princess Diana got married. My sister was on one of the streets watching the procession. He was reassigned back to the U. S. a year or so later.

      I didn’t mention it in the post, but it was a big shock to me because Princess Diana was 24 days older than me. It reinforced for me how fleeting life can be. I had been in a car wreck in 1986 that was my closest brush with death – three broken bones and they thought my neck was broke. They withheld that from me at the time or I was in shock if they shared it. Turns out my neck wasn’t broken, but it helped me realize that I shouldn’t take any day for granted.

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